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“Zartash Pakistan” is meant to tell all about Pakistan and what’s going on. No doubt Pakistanis are part of the multinational & multilingual land. So, have diversity in its circumstances & approach.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is gradually enhancing the agricultural field but it does not mean it’s not forwarding in the education and technology industry. Also, it deals with the entertainment world with a great identity. Due to its factual diversity, its destinations are VERY HIGH! Like tourism in our beautiful & precious land is one of the leading industries. In our chaos of load shedding & terrorism, we forgot its beauty. In the present situation, we realize that travel & tourism constituted 2.8% of the total GDB in 2015. Surprising! But in 2025 that will go to 1trillion to the economy of Pakistan.

The running currency is Rupees in Pakistan. Whereas metal coins along with paper banknotes also included. Though it’s a developing country its modern currency also adds checks is drawn, money order, and travel checks. While electronic money or digital cash is coming soon! Be awake to the piece of information that Pakistan is the 5th most heavily populated country. Moreover, its population growth rate of 2.40% is the average.

“Zartash Pakistan” yet includes the VAST topics of government, education, health, environment, economy & business. Besides, all these fields are making progress with the passage of time. Many social welfare aids are running well too. Unbelievably Pakistani News Media has become the GREAT POWER. Consequently, most of the dangers have been controlling with good ratios. Even business in it is growing with the latest tech to the extent that many more online trades are going on. Subsequently economy of Pakistan with the multi-currency exchange is also going high comparatively.

In short, Pakistan is growing well but the need is the STABILITY & BALANCE to make it the Ideal land.

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