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Pakistan Stability Needs Today Unity Vision True Leader

Pak Stability Needs In Short Glance

Oh, what a country Pakistan is, with no need to take any step for further stability improvement. It is a heaven on earth. It is enriched with all resources. Its currency is stable, and industries flourishing to the top.

Pakistan’s agricultural position is marvelous with less import and more than 88% export. Many countries like America, India, and Russia etc follow Pakistan’s educational system. There is no hitch of water and electricity needs.

Tourists from all around the world are always anxious to visit stable Pakistan peculiarly its biggest city Karachi. Karachi sea point is awesome, always full of former visitors. Its sanitary condition oh doesn’t ask it, it is as neat as white paper.

The roads and walls are spick and span.

The political situation in Pakistan is a paradigm for all. When discussing people of Pakistan, you will be impressed to see the striking and deep unity among them.

Overall it is the most stunning, splendid and peaceful country.

An image shows unity in Pakistan
Pakistan needs unity

Ok ok, wait! I knew you are considering me a big fabricator and liar. Well yes, it is almost exaggerated but in reality, the firm stability of Pakistan is my dream.

Iqbal‘s dream was not only the creation of Pakistan but also a Pakistan with same fabrication. It can be heaven on earth; it can be outstanding in all fields of life but on some simple terms.

Pakistan just needs wise politicians, who should not allow the non- political powers to interrupt the majestic beauty of democracy. But with ruefully all politicians become the puppet in the hands of non-political forces just for the sake of ministry, not for the public convenience.

The other integral need to be magnificent is the unity among people of Pakistan. Only the rivals determine the power of unity among Muslims, so ceaselessly working on various conspires against Pakistan stability and Muslim Word.

image shows a quote for stability needs
Pakistan needs

Anyhow today Pakistan is still promising for spectacular and bright future.  No doubt the peace is smiling and flourishing in Pakistan. Today terrorist activities are quite limited but for firm stability, People of Pakistan must have a good understanding of all conspires continuously tailored by inner and outer enemies.

As according to Albert Einstein,

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

According to Thomas Paine

“Not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”

We should be a nation, not a population. So what I concluded today stable Pakistan needs the sincere and strong politicians, unity and skill to perceive its real inner and outer enemies.


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