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Does the Rays Emitting from Mobile Phone Cause Cancer?

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone

A mobile phone works through radio waves that are a type of electromagnetic radiation. It contains high energy. The absorption of these waves causes heat production inside the body thus body tissue can damage. That’s why a misconception has spread among the people that the rays emitting from mobile phones cause cancer.

Anything in the universe that emits energy is called radiation. For example, the sun emits rays. These rays are the radiation of the sun. Similarly, microwave oven also emits energy that is also a kind of radiation. In fact, there are seven types of rays.

All types of radiations differ in wavelength and frequency.  Waves that have long wavelengths and low frequency emit less energy. On the other hand, those waves which have a short wavelength and having a high frequency contain high energy inside.

In American and European countries, the usage of mobile phones is from 30 years ago. The teasing factor for the scientists was that most of the cases regard to brain cancer had come across and scientists became upset either it is just a coincidence or the mobile phone is the reason for brain cancer.

Experts also explore the fact that in the past scientists had been done experiments on mice. All experiments had completed by keeping all mice in one place. They centered in front of continuously coming Mobile rays. As a result of these experiments, some of the mice’s genes and cells suffered from cancer.

That’s why scientists made a hypothesis that mobile rays cause cancer also in humans and they have to use less mobile as much as possible.

There is an antenna in mobile phones through which rays emit. In past, these antennae were made on the top of phones and there was a function to pull them out in the air to catch signals. But nowadays, such antennas are set inside mobile phones.

While we are listening to any call, the mobile phone is closer to the brain so it can result in the absorption of mobile rays in high quantity in the human brain than other organs of the body. That’s why the possibility of having cancer in the brain is greater than in other organs.

It was also predicted in the past that mobile rays were also harmful to memory. They can completely destroy the learning process. Another hypothesis was that mobile rays made man or woman Infertility.

However British experts have declared all these hypotheses incorrect. According to him, there is no solid research that made these hypotheses a correct one.

After the research of several years, now it has been discovered that in past, there were no advanced instruments that can detect brain cancer but from last two decades, medical science has become improved and high-quality instruments have made and it is now clear that mobile rays are not a reason of producing brain cancer.

The radiation emitting from mobile does not contain sufficient energy to destroy genes or cells of the human body. Thus human beings are safe from brain cancer while using mobile phones. But it doesn’t mean that there is no harm in using an excessive phone at all and you can use it all time.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone on Human Health

Although mobile rays do not cause brain cancer its excessive use can produce several harmful effects on human health such as headache, loose temper, and weak eyesight, etc.

According to Professor Dr. Melkin Sereen, the dangerous aspect of using a mobile phone is that when car drivers use it during driving, it diverts the attention of the user. Thus the possibility of having accidents can arise.

Dr. Yolanda told a surprising fact that the sun rays coming after filtering from the mirror of windows contain energy that is equivalent to energy emit from ten mobile phones. That’s why these rays are ten times more dangerous for human beings. So it suggests that we should not sit in the sunshine that is coming after passing from the windows mirror.

Mobile Effects on Child

Several other doctors said children should use minimum mobile phones because their nervous system is under construction. As compared to adults, their head size is also smaller and every cell of the body can absorb mobile radiations and it is a dangerous act.

We are growing in the technological age. Recently Digital Pakistan inauguration ceremony has held. The interest in using mobile phones is developing from childhood. Children like to watch cartoons on Mobile phones and the craze of social media platforms is very popular among youngsters.

  • To protect children from the danger of mobile phones, parents have to become more careful. If children are stubborn then give a phone to them for short time. Other than this time they should not allow using the phone.
  • Make sure the password of Wi-Fi is secure and children are not aware of it.
  • Never allow the use of the mobile phone at night.
  • Put the crystal and quartz stone in your home.

According to experts, Crystals and quartz stones can absorb radiation. But Dr. Yolanda considers this thought just a hypothesis. Although it is clear that these stones are not harmful to human health.



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