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List of Newspapers in Pakistan

A newspaper is a publication that is printed and distributed usually at close intervals may be daily or weekly. It contains information about local events, comments, articles, features and news stories. This set of a large sheet about newspapers is based on Top and city level Newspapers in Pakistan.

In Pakistani culture, people like to have a newspaper at the table for breakfast. They want to have a cup of tea in one hand and newspaper on the other. They are eager to know what is happening in their country and outside it as News Papers gives all sorts of news, something like a current history.

A Complete List of Newspapers in Pakistan

People of Pakistan get in touch with new updates through the following Newspapers in Pakistan that are being sold in shops.

1.Roznama Khabrain (Daily Khabrain)DailyUrduKarachi1992
2.Roznama Jang (Daily Jang News)DailyUrdu/EnglishKarachi1946
3.Daily Express-NewsDailyUrdu/English1998
4.Roznama Duniya (Daily Duniya)DailyUrdu2012
6.BBC UrduDailyUrdu
7.Daily Aagah RoznamaDailyUrdu/English1989
8.Aaj-Kal RoznamaDailyUrdu
9.Jeo-Gujrat RoznamaDailyUrdu/English2001
10.Jinnah RoznamaDailyUrdu
11.Urdu-Point RoznamaDailyUrdu
12.Al-Kamar News UrduUrdu
13.Roznama AetidalDailyUrdu
14.Roznama AasaasDailyUrdu
15.Almi AkhbarUrdu
16.Aaj RoznamaDailyUrduPeshawar1989
18.Roznama AmanDailyUrdu
19.Azadi RoznamaDailyUrdu
20.Azkaar RoznamaDailyUrdu
21.Baad-e-Shimal RoznamaDailyUrdu
23.Boolta-Pakistan RoznamaDailyUrdu
24.Chaita RoznamaDailyUrdu
25.City-Press RoznamaDailyUrdu
26.Bool Chitral TimesUrdu/English
27.Chashmy-Watan Haft RozaWeeklyUrdu
28.Chand RoznamaDailyUrdu
29.Daily-Aap RoznamaDailyUrdu
30.Daily-Awam RoznamaDailyUrdu
31.Daily-Dak RoznamaDailyUrdu
32.Iqra-news RoznamaDailyUrdu
34.Din RoznamaDailyUrdu
38.Insaaf RoznamaDailyUrdu
39.Masawat RoznamaDailyUrdu
40.Intikhaab RoznamaDailyUrdu
41.Islaam RoznamaDailyUrdu
42.Gujraat RoznamaDailyUrdu
43.Hazara News RoznamaDailyUrdu/English
44.Ibhaam RoznamaDailyUrdu
46.Daily Jhelum NewsUrdu/English
47.Roznama JsaratDailyUrdu
48.Daily k2Urdu
50.Roznama khabariyanDailyUrdu
51.Roznama khuli khabarDailyUrdu
52.Roznama Lahore postDailyUrdu/English
53.Roznama Mad-e-MuqabilDailyUrdu
54.Roznama MuballighDailyUrdu
55.Roznama MohtasibDailyUrdu
56.Roznama Mianwali ExpressDailyUrdu/English
57.Roznama MashriqDailyUrdu
58.Roznama MuhasibDailyUrdu
59.Roznama Nai baatDailyUrdu
60.Haft Roza Naw-e-IslaamWeeklyUrdu
61.Pakistan ObserverEnglish1988
62.Roznama Naw-e-WaqatUrdu1940
63.Daily News MartDailyUrdu/English
65.Daily Pakistan press conferenceDailyUrdu/English
66.Roznama PunjabDailyUrdu
67.Qiyadat purtaap Haft RozaWeeklyUrdu
68.Roznama Qomi AkhbarDailyUrdu
69.Roznama SahafatDailyUrdu
70.Roznama Sahara LHRDailyUrdu
71.Roznam SalaamDailyUrdu
72.Roznama SaltanatDailyUrdu
73.Roznama Rawal NewsDailyUrdu
74.Roznama Sach KahoDailyUrdu
75.Roznama Sada-e-QilgatDailyUrdu
76.Roznama Sada-e-HaqqDailyUrdu
77.Roznama SharqDailyUrdu
78.Roznama ShohratDailyUrdu
79.Roznama TafteshDailyUrdu
80.Roznama TaqatDailyUrdu
81.Times RoznamaDailyUrdu
82.The NewsDailyUrdu/English
83.The Frontier PostEnglish1985
84.The Rose News RoznamaDailyUrdu
85.The Express TributeDailyUrdu/English
86.The NationDailyUrdu/English
87.Daily TijaratDailyUrdu
88.Urdu News RoomDailyUrdu
89.Roznama UniversalDailyUrdu/English
90.Roznama UmmatDailyUrdu
91.Roznama TRT UrduDailyUrdu
92.Roznama Urdu web newsDailyUrdu
93.Roznama Urdu PowerDailyUrdu
94.Roznama VOA Urdu newsDailyUrdu
95.Al-Akhbar RoznamaDailyUrdu
96.Jalalpur JattanUrdu
97.Roznama WaqatDailyUrdu
98.Aaina-e-inqilab RoznamaDailyUrdu
99.Weekly JurratWeeklyUrdu/English
100.Weekly ManzarWeeklyUrdu/English
101.Zama SawatUrdu

Top Newspapers in Pakistan

Pakistan News Papers is a powerful tool to convey ideas and information. Awareness that is spread through the newspaper is useful for several people in multiple purposes. It contains many advertisements that are concerned with any business house, vacancies or can promote economic activity. Products that are used to advertise can easily reach out to the desired customers through the newspaper. The alluring advertisement has a great impact on the mind, and that is the intention of such advertisement.

A businessperson can increase his sale by advertising his goods and services in the newspaper. Information about products that a person wants to purchase is also available in the press.

Pakistani Newspapers are the source to enhance the knowledge of readers and broaden their vision. Novels and articles can make our population realize that they are living in a vibrant and dynamic world of learning. Current affairs inside the newspaper sketch a true picture of our surrounding.

They make us fit to move in a cultured society. There are special columns for science and arts. Students find it very functional for competitive examination.

In Pakistan, a press has become like a potion to which people seem to be so intensely addicted. When the press gets dropped within our gate in the morning, all family members try to have a quick look at it as per their interest. It instructs us to make our opinion on important issues.

Our life can greatly influence the news written inside the newspaper. Moreover, it is also a source of entertainment. News about sports, games or showbiz develops a sense of relief inside the fonder through the segment of entertainment. Pakistan Newspapers also contain health tips, beauty, and fashion tips, cooking recopies and many other domestic tactics that are strongly liked by females.

Sometimes, Pakistan newspapers also publish such activities and articles that point out the interests of children. Brain developing games, puzzles, jokes, and moral stories are also printed on one page. Horoscope inside Pakistan press snatches the attention of many people to know what is good or bad for them in this week.

As we know, today each nation is connected with the rest of the world through the ties of politics and trade. People are very curious to know what is happening in the world. Pakistan Newspaper is playing a vital role in the life of modern man to help him remain familiar with the global village.

Pakistan newspapers are also like a mirror of public opinion. Through the columns written inside the newspaper, the public can deliver their views on topics of national and international issues. Letters to the Editor is one of the very important parts of Newspapers.

News Paper is the source of exchanging miscellaneous views. It can mould the opinion of the masses in positive and negative ways.

So it is one of the great responsibilities of Pakistan Newspaper organizations to give correct news.

If newspaper feeds the people with wrong information, it can be very terrible. Take special care of misprinting.

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