Independence Day of Pakistan

14th August 1947

Pakistanis, across the globe, celebrate the 14th of August as Independence Day of Pakistan with dignity and honor. There is no Power on the earth who can Undo Pakistan. Every house and street decorate with green flags. A popular nickname for Pakistan is “The beloved country of God”.

Pakistan is a compound word consisting of the words “Pak” and “Stan”. Pak means pious and Stan means homeland. On 14th August 1947, the world saw a new country named ‘’ ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN’’ as an independent country on the map of the world. Freedom is a great blessing. It’s why Pakistanis feel this is the greatest day of their year.

On this day, the people of Pakistan pay tribute to the great leaders because of whom Muslims became free forever. Our leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Ahmad Khan, Liquate Ali Khan, etc struggled a lot to unite Muslims at one aim. Allama Iqbal, our national poet raised the spirit of bravery, and many people overcame martyrdom to gain independence for Pakistan.

In addition, the entire nation enjoys a national holiday on 14th August every year. To commemorate this day, children participate in competitions, and people listen to the national songs.  Pakistan is a part of heaven. All kinds of facilities are in Pakistan. Pakistan is geographically strong in the world.


India and Pakistan were the sub-continent before separation.  Muslims and Hindu spend their lives together. Muslims controlled almost the entire Indian sub-continent. Mughal Empire controlled the country from the middle of the 1500s to the beginning of the 1700s. Mughal emperors of the Mughal Empire were:

  • SHAH JAHAN and

They all six were very intelligent, brave, true Muslims, and great leaders. They changed the face of India with their political and intellectual mind.

The last emperor was BAHADUR SHAH. In his era, the bad day of the Mughal Empire started. British landed in India for the purpose of trade. British entered with the planning to capture the Mughal Empire. The negligence of the Mughal emperor gave the chance to the British. British exiled the BAHADUR SHAH in Rangoon under British control. Bahadur Shah took his last breath in Rangoon.


  • Setting up of Free Islamic Society

The main objective of the creation of Pakistan was to establish a free Islamic state having its own identity Govt., practicing its own social religious principles, and inviting the Muslims of the world, particularly and others generally to adopt the Islamic ways of life.

  • Social & Political Development of Muslims

After the war of Independence in 1857, the social environment was totally changed. The Muslims were scared of the caste system and other discriminations. They could enjoy neither political nor social freedom.

Ideology of Pakistan

‘’ The ideology of Pakistan was the consciousness of the Muslims in the historical perspective of the South Asian sub-continent that they were a separate nation on the basis of Islamic ideology’’

The Ideology of Pakistan and Allama Iqbal

He was the person who for the first time gave the concept of a separate state for the Muslims. A llama made it clear that Muslims have their separate recognition from the Hindus on the basis of religion and culture. Muslims became united for the sake of Muslim society.

Why Pakistan’s Independence day is important?

The independence of Pakistan is very important for Pakistanis because, on this very special, we became the owner of a very sacred and peaceful homeland where we could live with freedom according to our Islamic culture and norms. Here are some reasons for the importance of Independence day.

Religious Freedom

In the subcontinent, Muslims were treated as slaves and they were not allowed to live according to their will and follow the norms and values of Islam. They were also not allowed to make mosques and to go there to offer their prayers. This day has great importance in the lives of Pakistanis as it was due to this constitution that Muslims were able to get a peaceful motherland where they could live according to the Islamic civilization because Pakistan is an Islamic country and Pakistan not only protects and safeguards Muslims’ rights but also guarantees the safety of other minorities who are living in this beautiful country.

Celebrations of Independence Day

This day has great importance as on this day Pakistan got independence and so there are huge celebrations of this day not only publically but also officially. This day is greatly celebrated in schools, colleges, and different institutions.

Official Celebrations

For the celebration of independence day, there is planning and preparations and also local governments organize meetings that are attended by government officials, politicians, and also diplomats. In Karachi, for the celebration of independence day, Mazar-e-Quaid is prepared and cleaned.

In Islamabad, an official festive takes place, and also there is the flag-raising ceremony at the parliament house that is followed by a 31-gun salute in Islamabad that is the capital of Pakistan, and a 21-gun salute in provincial capitals. There are speeches and messages delivered by government officials and politicians. Official and government buildings are enlightened. Change of guard takes place at the national monuments. On this day, the parade of the army, navy, and air force took place that is awe-inspiring.

Public Celebrations

As the month of August starts, there is great hustle and bustle in the markets as there are different stalls arranged that are for the sale of buntings, banners, flags, badges, independence day dresses, jewelry, and other celebratory items. Vehicles and buildings are decorated and illuminated.

There are special celebrations of this day in different schools, colleges, and different other institutions. Students perform different shows, sing national anthems, and also give speeches on these events.  All dress in Pakistan’s official colors with matching accessories.



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