Agriculture in Pakistan

Most Famous Dams in Pakistan

Many small and big dams have been built in different places in Pakistan.  There are 150 dams in Pakistan that…

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The Achievements of Pakistan during PTI Tenor

This day marks 3 years to the last national elections in Pakistan, consequent to which PTI formed government under the…

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Tarbela Dam in Pakistan | World’s Largest Fill-Type Dam

  Tarbela Dam: The World’s Largest Fill-type Dam Tarbela Dam is the largest fill-type Dam in the world. It was…

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Irrigation system of Pakistan–Sources and Issues faced to it

Agriculture and Irrigation System Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of Pakistan and the system of irrigation is a…

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Pakistan an Agricultural Country and its Economy

Today we complete Discuss Pakistan an Agricultural Country with Facts and Figures and how Pakistan takes Advantage of this. An…

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