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Motorcycle Girl of Pakistan

ZENITH IRFAN is the first girl in Pakistan who decides to travel the world on Motorcycle. It was very difficult for her to do this action in that society where it is considered weird for women to travel alone on a bike.  It was her desire and also becoming a challenge for her. She got famous with mane Motorcycle girl of Pakistan and her tour proves that Pakistan is a safe country for everyone.

Traditionally driving has been considered not good for women in Pakistan.  Women are considered only for the responsibility of the house and for the look after of children.  House is only the boundary of women in society. But if the woman wants to do a job and do driving there is no restriction in Islamic culture.

The woman can drive by follows Islamic rules. So, there are no restrictions for women.  In Pakistan, less than 5% of women own a driver’s license. In past, Pakistan is not safe for women to drive without men. But with the passage of time People are becoming broad-minded and support women.


It was the dream of Zenith’s father to tour the world on a bike.  He has suddenly died. After his death, his eldest child accepts his challenge. Her age was 21 at that time.Zenith says ‘’ I was confused about how to operate the bike systems like gear, clutch, and brakes”. She wanted to go to Kashmir on the bike.  She said, “I desire to go to Kashmir because I’ve heard so much about it.” She started traveling through Pakistan’s capital Islamabad to Murray and then toward the administered Kashmir. She went to the beautiful Neel am valley and enjoys nature’s beauty. She visits charming towns and villages like Shard and Keel.

When she was on the way she felt free and calm herself. Roads were free from the noise of traffic and there were no buildings around. Beautiful nature was present around her. She took a breath in the fresh air. It was her first journey, after that she decided to go to KHUJERAB Pass on the border with China.

Around the 20 days, she completed her journey places including Chelas, a very traditional village. She was not afraid of road accidents. She said “I’m not so afraid because I believe that if death has to come, it will come to any place even if I’m at home’’.  She went to that area where female riders can offense. There she made her get up like males. When someone asks direction she moved away so fast. She met a woman in a village near China she said “We could not understand each other as she was talking in her language.”

Her journey was ended and leaves beautiful memories on her mind. From her safe journey, the courage of women increases and her journey gives the message that Pakistan is safe for girls. People break their misconception about girls driving.

Safety in Pakistan

The terrorist threat in Pakistan has been reduced in recent years. The country was unsafe for traveling between the late 2000s to early 2010s and for many years. But with the hard work of the government, intelligence agency, and military of Pakistan now Pakistan is safe for the journey.

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