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How Pakistan Become a Nuclear Power?

How Pakistan Become a Nuclear Power – An Overview

We Pakistani nation would like to eat grass but will get Nuclear power”. This was the hear voice by each and every Pakistani. Why there was too intense need was created for having Nuclear power, for the answer this we have to step in history related to it.

Pakistan is a Nuclear Power

A Brief History of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program

The first nuclear power plant was established in Karachi by the persuasion of Ayub Khan.

For this purpose, the Pakistan government had to face many challenges. It had to bear the pressure exerted by the US. But at last Pakistani engineers completed the plutonium nuclear reprocessing plant.

Pakistan continued its struggle toward having Nuclear power, but ITS struggle becomes serious when India announced for successful atomic explosions.

It created an imminence stress environment in Pakistan. Also, imbalance defence enforcement was created in the subcontinent.

Pakistan was highly affected because it is considered a rival of India.

Kashmir dispute and other harsh histories between the two countries compelled Pakistan to have Atomic power finally.

It was vital for Pakistan in self-defence. The international community knew the stress condition created in Pakistan but it forces Pakistan for having patience and stop thinking of taking such steps.

It is also said that the US offered a high amount to the government of Pakistan.

But Prime Minister at that time named Muhammad Nawaz Shareef refused to accept any offer and put full passion towards the acquisition of nuclear power.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan (Pakistani nuclear scientist)

Luckily Pakistan has is the land of geniuses like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is a famous Pakistani nuclear scientist and a metallurgical engineer. He successfully achieved the uranium enrichment program for Pakistan’s atomic bomb project. Under his command, Pakistan finally decided to go for an atomic bomb experiment.

Nuclear Tests

On May 28, 1998, Pakistan became a nuclear power when it successfully carried out five nuclear tests at Chaghi, in the province of Baluchistan and appeared as the only Muslim country to join the nuclear club. And Pakistan also becomes the first atomic country in the Muslim World.

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28 May as National Day in Pakistan

28 may have now become a national day in Pakistan. Pakistan is not crazy to have atomic weapons as much as possible, but due to India’s aggression and hostility Pakistan has to take such steps.

Anyhow, such steps are quite horrible for the world and our future generations.

All Atomic power countries should sit together to think about it and conclude a suitable step for whole world peace.

As well said by Albert Einstein, “I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed.”

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  1. Pakistani Nuclear history is great.I read this article.You give me a lot of information about.I think pakistan need a lot of Nuclear power in 1998 and Great Pakistani Scientist help pakistan about this matter.thanks for information

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