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6 September Defense Day of Pakistan | Lets go to 1965

Youm e Difa Pakistan

6 September Defense Day of Pakistan

Pakistan Defence day is celebrated with glory in the memory of 6 September 1965. While having a sight at the history of certain nations and countries, it comes to know that there are certain days that demand immense effort and sacrifice as compared to common days. These are the days that require the courage to sacrifice all that you have to defend your land.

6 September is also one such day that reminds us of the sacrifices of our brave armed soldiers who gave their lives while fighting against Indian enemies in the 1965’s war. It is the day when Indian troops crossed the international borders to launch an attack on Pakistani Punjab, in the riposte to Pakistan’s Operation Grand Slam targeting Jammu. While it is officially comemorated as an unprovoked surprise attack by India which was repulsed by the Pakistani army despite of its small size and few armaments.

Due to their praiseworthy bravery and remaarkable efforts, all Pakistanis give tribute to our beloved martyrs every year on 6 September and celebrate Pakistan Defence Day.

What Happened on 6 September Defense Day of Pakistan?

After 18 years of creation of Pakistan, India was still aggressive. He was also defeated by China in the 1962’s war. To wash its humiliation and disgrace, India decided to attack Pakistan and started to fire at different places of the line of control.

On 6 September 1965, India suddenly attacked from three sides of Pakistani Punjab. They planned to enter in the centre of Lahore and wanted to have breakfast there. At that time Pakistan had fewer weapons and also the number of soldiers, but India forgot that Pakistani nation and soldiers are so courageous that they never frightened to face enemies in any situation. And that’s what happened then.

Despite less in numbers, every soldier of the Pakistan Defence force competed enemies and blocked the path of Indian soldiers to enter in Lahore.

That Indian Army who was planning to have breakfast in Lahore could move only 3miles ahead, and eventually, they became compelled to take their steps back. Indian soldiers did thirteen big attacks within seventeen days but could not enter Lahore.

The Pakistan Army destroyed 36 Indian tanks. Pakistan’s air force also played a very important role to control Indian attacks and gave severe damage to India.

The Wars between Pakistan and India

Another war between Pakistan and India was held in December 1971. This war resulted in splitting Pakistan into two parts and thus Bangladesh came to existence. Israel helped India in the war of 1971.

Although Pakistan had to lost half of its territory due to the creation of Bangladesh still Pakistan relations with Bangladesh are going well.

After splitting Pakistan, India felt relax. As he became win in its plan. But he never stopped teasing Pakistan and made the announcement for the atomic explosion. This announcement made Pakistan serious in its nuclear plans. In May 1998, Pakistan became a nuclear power. This step made India frightened.

For a long time, the relationship between Pakistan and India went well but in February 2019, India again tried to cross the borderline in darkness but Pakistan made the intentions of India fail.

Now, Pakistan celebrates another very happy surprise day on the 27th of February due to India.

Defense Day Quotes

6 September or Defense Day, is a special day for all patriotic citizens of Pakistan.

On this day, grandfathers and grandmothers tell their children about the sacrifices of Pakistani people which they gave on the way of getting freedom.

The stories of sacrifices and Defense Day Quotes are the source to rise passionating sentiments inside the hearts of youngsters. They love more with their leaders and martyrs.

We all should remember our history and the efforts that are given by our ancestors.

Here are some patriotic defence day quotes:

The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defense against injury and violence, as for his repose.

Another quote is:

Defense in the Inquisition is of little use to the prisoner, for a suspicion only is deemed sufficient cause of condemnation, and the greater his wealth the greater his danger.

Defence Day Poetry

Poetry is the diet of the soul. The poetic words keep a great influence to raise any feeling inside a person. A vast number of the Pakistani population like to share poetry on different occasions.

Defense day poetry is also very popular to give gratitude to our soldiers.

“Lehron ko khamosh daikh ker ye mat smajhna ke samandar main rawaani nai hai,

jub b uthaen ge tufaan bun ker uthain ge abhi uthane ki thaani nai hai”.

‘Humain dunya sa kiya lena Shahadat hy mission apna..
Paharon may dafan hongy baraf hogi kafan apna …

Aay Rah-e-Haq K Shaheedo

Wafa Ki Tasveero

Tmhain Watan Ki Hawain

Salam Kehti Hain.

Martyrs of Defence Day

Many of our national martyred heroes won decorations for their gallantry and courage. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was awarded the highest Nishan-e-Haider due to his extraordinary role in defending the Lahore Bedian region in 1965. He is among a handful of other gallant and courageous military personnel who have been martyred and in other battles and wars given the same honour. in Pakistan’s defence, they gave the greatest sacrifice of their lives.

Celebrations and Parade

6 September as a “youm e difa” is celebrated every year with enthusiasm and passion as similar 23 march and Iqbal day are celebrated. Each year, on 6 September, the Pakistan Army displays its latest missiles, tanks guns, Pakistani Army Aviation helicopters and armaments being used by engineers. Throughout the nation a number military parades and activities are arranged on this day.The latest innovations and advancements in modern tactics  are shown in  miltary parades as well.

Everyone is allowed to watch such funcrions by going to specific places. National songs, special documentaries about 6 september, 1965 and the stories of people who were martyred on that day are shown on TV.

The change of guard ceremony takes place at Mizar-e-Quaid, Karachi, where the cadets of Pakistan Air Force Academy present the Guard of Honor and take the charge. The obvious purpose of these activities is to celebrate our veterans and to highlight our military strength.

The Role of Military in our Country

We should all be proud of our powerful armed forces and their constitutional role in protecting our country’s physical frontiers and defence. We may face economic challenges but we are secured from external threats by what many around the world consider to be one Asia’s strongest military powers. Our military not only safeguard us during threat and wars but also contributes in peacetime to country.

Pakistan Emerged as a more Powerful Nation after the War of 1965

As of the September,1965 war with india, Pakistan emerged as a powerful and self-confident country.proud of itself and military forces. It was a nation unoted in the face of India’s threat. With the help of the Government , Pakistan’s armed forces repekked India’s naked aggression across the international borders and making it pay a price by taking four time more territory . It was definitely their finest hour of glory, and a day for future generations to recall  the soldiers and civilians of that time.

Each and every Pakistani has this spirit of brotherhood in their hearts,

 “if you dare to hurt us, we will all stand together as one country, for we have no predicament of caste, no color of faith among us, we are all brothers and sisters standing together as one , undr one flag, and when  we stand together we can teach you a lesson that you will surely never forget.”

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