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Pakistani Famous Food—Regional and traditional Cuisine

Famous Food of Pakistan – An Overview

Making and eating food is a big art. George Bernard Shaw said that there is no sincere love other than the love of food. Every country and city has a different style of food’s taste, color, look, recipes, etc. Today We Discuss Pakistan Famous Food with Cities.

World-famous Pakistani foods related to cities are the blend of different regional cooking traditions of the Indian subcontinent, selected elements from the Mughal legacy and central Asia. The arrival of Islam within the Indian subcontinent influenced the local dishes to a great extent as well.

Various famous cities of Pakistan contain their peculiar taste and flavorful appealing look. kpk traditional food is most demanding. Karachi city is famous for its Biryani, which is Pakistani traditional food and serves with love at several festivals.

Particularly Pakistani people give preference to hot and spicy foods. Sweet dishes are also very appealing to them. Foreigners belonging to different countries, appreciate and call Pakistani food the yummy.

Pakistan’s Regional Cuisine

Famous and popular dishes of Pakistan are sorted according to their region and culture, these are given below.

Famous dishes of Punjab

Punjab has a broad category of cuisine because Punjab is famous both in geographical and cultural aspects and all the inhabitants of Punjab have different tastes and so they have great variations in their dishes. However, some of the most common and famous dishes of Punjab are,

  • Saag and makai k roti
  • Lassi (drink made from yogurt and milk) and mostly served in breakfasts
  • Bong paye are made from joints and legs of sheep, buffalo, and cow
  • Nihari mage from the bone marrow of buffalo or goat
  • Murgh choly or chickpeas

Sindh Cuisine

Sindhi cuisine is actually the famous and popular dishes that are liked by the people in Sindh and Sindhi people usually like more species and chicken is mostly used in their dishes. Most famous Sindhi dishes are,

  • Chicken Karhai
  • Karachi Biryani
  • Nihari
  • Daal Pakwan
  • Haleem

Balochistan Cuisine

Cuisine or famous dishes of Balochistan are actually the food that is mostly liked by Balochi people and which reflects their traditions. The most popular and most famous dishes in Balochistan are,

  • Dampukht that is actually the meat that is cooked slowly in fats
  •  Chicken or lamb Sajji in which rice is filled within the grilled chicken or lamb meat

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cuisine

KPK cuisine is actually the food that is loved by the pukhtun families of KPK and which becomes their cultural dish. They usually like non-spicy food. Some of the dishes of KPK include,

  • Kebab (made from chicken, mutton, or beef mince)
  • Rice dishes
  • Dishes made from lamb meat
  • Chapli kabab
  • Kabuli pulao that contains nuts
  • Tikka (Grilled meat)
  • Mutton Karhai

Pakistan Cities With Pakistani Dishes Name

Let’s have look at various mouthwatering foods belonging to different cities of Pakistan.

Most Wanted food in Karachi:

  • Karachi Biryani looks so inviting and mouthwatering that it is hard to stay away from this awesome dish. Its main ingredients are Chicken, Rice, Yogurt, Zarda / Orange Food Color, Tomato, Green Chili, Lemon, special biryani masala, etc. It is spicy, juicy, sour, and salty in taste.Karachi Biryani
  • Karachi Haleem includes wheat or barley, meat, sometimes lentils, and special masala, and is served with Naan or Paratha. Haleem was introduced to the region during the Mughal period by foreign migrants. It is also a traditional food of Pakistan. People like to send it to neighbors on different occasions.
    It tastes is alluring and yummy. Many hotels and restaurants receive many clients daily by offering only this specific dish.Karachi Haleem

Most wanted food in Lahore:

  • Lahori Paye, yes the first and foremost dish that prevails in the mind. Its luscious fragrance and taste compel Lahories a lot. With the right amount of spices, paired with Nan roti, Paye is the perfect dish for breakfast and dinner.Lahori Paye
  • Halwa Puri is puri with salty, sour juice, and sweet Halwa. All together this food makes Lahore city to get up early and rush to have it for breakfast.Halwa Puri

Peshawar Famous Food:

  • Chapli Kabab, the barbecue and street food throughout KPK is one of the best dishes and is famous not only in Peshawar but in all of Pakistan.
  • Minced Meat, Mutton Fat, Crushed Pomegranate, Solid Pomegranate, Eggs, Tomatoes, etc when mixed together, this awesome and mouthwatering dish appeals to all taste lovers.Chapli Kabab
  • Kabuli Pulao is another kpk famous food, and considered the national dish of Afghanistan, with a variety of pilaf, consisting of steamed rice mixed with raisins, carrots, and lamb.Kabuli Pulao

Most wanted food in Quetta:

  • Khadda Kebab is a unique and time taking dish but superb in taste at the same time. A whole lamp is gutted and stuffed with rice, dry fruits and spices and then roasted by burying it underground over coals.Khadda Kebab
  • Rosh is a big chunk of meat, cooked under pressure in animal fat for several hours with secret ingredients and spices; particularly salt and black pepper.Rosh

There are many other meals that are among the trending foods in Pakistan. Some of them are,
Tikka, Nihari, Kofta, Gajr Ka halwa, Pulao, Ras malai, Reshmi Kebab, Kulcha, Kheer, etc. Food of Pakistan is world-famous for its different spices, an outsider initially considers these spices a little hotter for themselves and these foods are a source of great enjoyment.

Traditional Dishes of Pakistan

Because of special herbs and spices, Pakistan has the most diverse delicious recipes that everyone should try in his life because these mouthwatering dishes satisfy the taste buds with their unique taste. Here we enlist the top traditional dishes in Pakistan that reflects the history and geography of their region.

The most famous traditional dishes in Pakistan are given below.

  • Biryani—-An amazing dish with incredible flavor having the white and yellow color of rice together with the mixture of meat, species, and special herbs and with the topping of lemons and tomatoes.
  • Chicken Tikka——One of the most famous food in Pakistan not only because of its awesome taste but also due to its nutritional values. It is basically small pieces of chicken that are mixed into flavored species and then grilled giving it a yummy taste.
  • Seekh Kabab—They are usually made from beef or mutton and then grilled. In Pakistan, Bar B.Q. parties are very common on Eid-ul-Azha where guests are served with seekh kabab and tikka.
  • Channa Chat—- It is one of the tastiest snacks in Pakistan in which channa or chickpeas are mixed with vegetables and sweet and sour toppings which give it a succulent taste.
  • Aloo Qeema—-This Simple but yummy dish is very common in almost all houses in Pakistan in which mostly mutton or beef mince is cooked with potatoes giving it a mouthwatering flavor.
  • Samosa—– It is another delicious snack of Pakistan and it is most commonly served at teatime in Pakistan and is loved by the guests. It is triangle shaped and it is mainly stuffed with potato filling and also with mince or pulses.
  • Kheer—-It is the most served and traditional dessert in almost every event in Pakistan. It is a pudding made from rice and to enhance its flavor, nuts are added to it.
  • Nihari—–It is a mouthwatering and traditional dish in Pakistan that contains meat that is cooked slowly and mixed with the best species make it the best tasting meat dish.


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