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Bitter Truth – Exam Cheating In Pakistan

Let’s discuss something interesting related to Exam Cheating In Pakistan. We all know that cheating is bad, we should not do it and so on. So no need to enlighten advice mode related to cheating. cheating in exams

Some students do it and some see others doing it. Mean to say, that every student has had this mysterious experience. First, let’s recall interesting facts related to cheating.

Ah when we saw teacher again n again with a fast heartbeat, when does it happen? Yes, when trying to cheat. That moment sounds exceptional. That type of eye contact with the teacher is always more hoer and amazing.

Being successful in cheating without the teacher’s notice, students feel that they are the genius who did it. Well, but in reality, they lose their extreme success in the future.

Remember your feelings when the first day stepped in the exam hall, and become depressed to know that your roll number is written on the first seat of row. And it becomes so pathetically when you realize that back setters are enjoying cheating.

It is too irritating when cheaters come to know that tiny cheating paper includes no answer required for the question written in exam papers. It means their hard work in preparing cheating work has wasted.

Think about the lame excuse when a cheater is caught by a teacher, oh teacher I was with 101 temperature last night, please teacher ignore it as my grandmother died last day, please please, please………….

These are some funny memories every student has. Well, come to the serious points. The cheating situation is crucial and downhearted, one can observe in Pakistan.

Every pocket guide gives us around 70 percent profit,” said book shopkeepers. Authorities usually fail to stop them from sailing these pocket guides who have a great role to make the students fail in the future.  These guides could be easily carried by students in examination halls due to three inches width and length. Particularly it has great use in KPK.

Unfortunately, in Sindh, there is a strong Cheating Mafia, who provides the cheating source for Rs.6000 to Rs.10000 or maybe more than it. Particularly at metric levels, even exams centres are sold by the boards and principles pay a huge amount for it. You know peculiarly in Karachi Education has become a business for school principals concentrating on achieving high school reputation, no matter achieved through negative ways.

An interesting and high disastrous and tragic fact is that in different cities in Sindh like Hyderabad, one can easily

become a doctor or engineer with open cheating by paying money to Mafia. Wao!

Every year media shows cheating coverage, particularly In Sindh. But weird it is that provincial Govt. and other authorities do not notice it. It is probably because all the respondents thought that degree and certificate is always sacred no matter it gets in the right or wrong way.

Do you remember Aslam Rasani and what historical words he said?

Meanwhile, the ‘booti mafia’ has also stepped up as the exams of metric kicked off in Mir-Pur-Khas Mathelo leaking the paper of ninth grade with the connivance of staff.

Well honestly as I have completed me all studies from 1 class to masters, I did not find any single example of open cheating and its facilitators during board exams. It means cheating cases in Punjab are so rare, and this fact is widely accepted.

An interesting case happened when a vigilance committee in Lahore has caught two girls giving their BA English exam in the comfort of their homes.

Few cases we usually hear about cheating cases in Baluchistan. But sadly there a remarkable number of students were caught red-handed using unauthorized material during the annual examination at Baluchistan’s public university, adding to the list of embarrassments that have tainted the country’s education sector.

education sector

These are some facts about exam cheating in Pakistan. Overall this problem creates many complication and drawbacks in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh.  Everyone knows what steps should be taken to kick out this evil but actually, we all are not sincere about our future. The cheater minds will InshAllah come to the right path. As a student says:

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