The Burning Desire: A Secret of Success

How to be Succeeded in Life?

Several wishes produce inside human beings. Among all desires, if there is one which lets your determinations to the highest peak is called Burning Desire. Burning desire is a big reason to be successful in life. History shows that when a burning desire produces in a person or a nation, it finally causes to achieve the goal.

The existence of Pakistan is the result of a burning desire of Muslims. Allama Mohammad Iqbal played a vital role to turn the wish of having a separate country into a strong and craving desire through his fervent poetry.

Initially, the Muslims of the subcontinent accepted the slavery of British empires and Hindus. They accepted themselves as useless and condemned people.
Allama Iqbal was a supporter of Congress at the start. He believed to live with unity. But the narrow mindedness of Congress was shown at several events when Congress was not ready to give equal rights to the Muslim community. As a result, the ideology of Allama Iqbal gave Muslims a new way of thinking. But it was seemed impossible to divide the subcontinent into two parts.

Having a separate country for Muslims was like a beautiful dream that could never come true. But we salute our national heroes of Pakistan, who never gave up. They worked hard and struggled over day and night. Their determination and persistence awaken the eyes of Muslims. They united and became willing to stand against Hindus.

Iqbal’s poetry was a great motivation for Muslims. The efforts of Quaid e Azam and other leaders, as well as the poetry of Iqbal, produced such desire that ultimately compelled the subcontinent to be divided. The intensity of desiring a separate state was so burning inside the hearts that All Muslims were ready to sacrifice their all and as they did. They never took care of their lives or other assets. The only slogan was:
“Lay kar Rahingy Pakistan, Ban kay Rahyga Pakistan”.

Finally, Muslims won and on 14th August 1947, Pakistan came into being on the map of the World as a separate country where Muslims were enabled to spend their lives according to Islam. They had the full right to pay all obligations of their religion with freedom.

Meaning of Burning Desire in English

Burning desire means to show the passion that I have to do it. Burning Desire causes you to lose your calm.

How “Burning Desire” Becomes Cause of Success?

According to Qasim Ali shah:

When a burning desire produces in a person, he can’t sit with comfort. His mind remains busy in making different and better plans and he works continuously on it day and night. He wants to spend all of his capabilities and efforts to acquire his desire. His heartburns. The thoughts of fulfilling his dream stuck in mind. Ultimately, burning desire lets the person succeed in life.

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