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Most Famous Fashion Designers In Pakistan

Fashion and Style Fantasy!

Rachel Zoe has rightly said,

“Style is the way to say who you are, without having to speak.”

Fashion is a language of mind, body and soul. It is something which goes beyond designing clothes.Dressing well enables the person to stand confidently in a crowd.

A very well said by Mark Twain an American author

“Clothes make the man. A naked man has little or no influence on society.”

The important thing that has to keep in mind is that dress should select according to season and occasion. Dress colours and styles vary according to person to person.

Each country and region of the world is defined by its own style, it is one of the main parts of a person’s identity.Pakistan no doubt is the country with fastest growing fashion industry.

There is most famous Fashion Designers In Pakistan that brings awesome variety every year as they are known by people interested in changing their lifestyles and trends all around the world.

Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Designers In Pakistan

As with the passage of time the fashion industry is continuously thriving so many famous Fashion Designers have been born in the land of Pakistan.They not only rank nationally but also around the whole globe. Today we will enlist the top 10 most famous fashion designers of Pakistan.

Hassan Shehryar Yaseen

Hassan Shehryar Yaseen

Hassan Shehryar Yaseen also known as HSY, he has a credible name in the Pakistan Fashion industry. His unique and beautiful designs are fascinated by everyone.

He is also called the King of fashion industry. He worked both as a choreographer and a Pakistani Fashion designer in many shows. HSY, one of the most recognized famous South Asian fashion label was launched in 2000 starting as bridal wear and formal wear courture house, but yet HSY brand jewellery line is also introduced.

Illustrious stars of Pakistan like Reema, Urwa, Emaan always give preferences to his design wearing.He is a professional graduate in couture and was one of the toppers of his batch in 2000 when he graduated from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design.

HSY clothing has approximately 14 display centres worldwide. That is why it is known as the top fashion brand. HSY has also started show  Tonight with HSY at HUM TV.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani


Deepak Pervani in Pakistan is now has become synonymous with the latest fashion. He is one of the prominent members of Hindu Sindhi Community in Pakistan. His collection is a name of elegance.

His related work is highly appreciated in India as well where he was honoured by the Zee Award.

Initially he started to design luxury dresses  and his bridal collection and other related items have been displayed in many foreign countries.

He also participated in several national and international fashion shows.He successfully mentioned his name in Guinness World Record for being the maker of the world’s largest Kurta.He was also known as the famous actor who worked in many popular dramas.

Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi



She belongs to the famous Kazmi family. She has proved herself a big designer in Pakistan’s fashion industry and clothing industry and her collections are highly demanded and top ranked in the industry.

The lady has the inspiration of Mughal Empire fashion and so her creations often depict the reflection of Mughal era.

Kazmi family has been connected with fashion life over the past five decades.

Bunto Kazmi’s  designs represents Pakistani traditions and she frequently showcases her designs on-ramp and in couture’s weeks rather than on printed industry. The most fascinating fact about her bridal collection is that they are so uniquely designed as well as easy to carry.

She always gives preference to represent Pakistani culture in her dresses and she knows the of enhancing the beauty of a colour with perfect contrast.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is another most famous designer in Pakistan. It is a joint collaboration of two gorgeous ladies Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. This internationally acclaimed fashion brand is serving fashion business since almost 25 years .

After watching Sana Safinaz dresses the customer finds it hard to move towards any other designers. They introduce the eastern dresses in the most creative and artistic way.

Among the few top designers, Sana Safinaz’s ranking is always getting on high-demands and superlatively admirable.

They introduced a wide and nice range of bridal collection. Specially the lawn prints are way too awesome and preferred by most of the women.

Both men and women dress collection is seen worthy. Sana Safinaz is the most leading brand in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Maria B


Another top-rated name in the Fashion industry and art of Pakistan is Maria B. We all love her design and cuts. She creates unique stylish dresses that are designed for a class of all levels. Maria B. designed an excellent collection of lawn in year 2014 for the fashion lover girls.

The brand is famous for its different three suits traditional shalwar, kameez dupatta designs. She has its labels  as M.KIDS’ M.GIRLS, M. BRIDES, MARIA B cotton, Linen, Evening wear, Maria B lawn, casual collection and much more

She is the very first fashion designer diva who introduces the amazing fusion of eastern and western clothing in Pakistan fashion industry. Her collections whether it consists of Eid dresses, party wears or embroidered lawn, all are fascinating with a suitable price.

Shameel Ansari

Shameel Ansari

For three opulent decades, Shameel Ansari –more fittingly known by her sobriquet, the Czarina of style –is among a handful of pionneering designers who continue to forge South Asian fashion’s espirit de corp.

Shameel made fashion and history in 1990s with a series of shows that were performed on location against historical backgrounds. These include resplendently intricate Hindu Gymkhana and possibly the best remembered and most imitated show to date, The Orient Express, held at the CIty Station, Karachi.

Shameel Pioneered the designer lawn market in Pakistan and from 2009-2012, she was a leader in the lawn industry and was ranked for three consecutive years amomg the top 5 in the lawn market. She is also the only designer in Pakistan to have chartered international markets and resources.

Winner of the Lux Style award 2011 for achievement in fashion, Shameel’s reign has evolved from regal to the truly iconic. Shameel also serves on the Board of Directors of the Asian Institute of Fashion and Design where she conducts lectures on the technology of fashion. Shameel was the chairperson of the Pakistan’s fashion Council from 2010-13 to cultivate the national narrative of fashion.

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan has always been very famous when it came to pret and ready to wear clothes but she knocked it out of the park with her formal and bridal collection.

She is a fashion graduate of National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, just after she started her design career in 2004. She is one of those people who successfully learned from the fashion ramp.

Her  designs are inspired by nature. She incorporates flowers and birds and uses calming colors with unique modern cuts and embroidery in her designs

She is very talented and sophisticated fashion designer of Pakistan whose work is renown in the field of fancy and formal attires. After the success of her pret wear she introduced her own brand with the name of COCO.

Nomi Ansari

The young shiny star has dominated the upscale fashion market with his sizzling design style 2001 when he graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design.

This young man us famous for his pret designs and party wears. The man is also known for beautiful merging of  Eastern style with modern touch.

Nomi Ansari


His designs are ramped by most famous models like Nadia Hussain, Tooba Siddiqui, Iraj Fatima and Vaneeza Ahmad etc. From the moment he arrived, Nomi Ansari caught the public’s attention with his ultra-vibrant palette.

His clothes were fun and funky and at the same time had a distictively ethnic touch. Today his highly inventive color combinations and detailed craftsmanship with intricate embellishments have become his signature style.

Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed needs no introduction, a name of ultra chic and glamour. His creations consist of dazzling patterns and luxurious looks. His design empire has grown throughout the world that the demand of his romantic bridal collection is day by day becoming more.

He is so creative  that almost all embelishments, mptifs palette work literally bow in front of Umar Sayeed.

Umar Sayeed applies modern touches to traditional styles and as his design empire has grown so as his rolodex full of clients all over the world.His name alone evokes images embellished in kaleidioscopic colours, flowing chiffon and plush silken textiles.

Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn started his designer career from his home by designing clothes for his family. He joined Beacon-House National University as a student of textile designing. His clothes are traditional moderns and based on simple cuts. He is known as younger designer with high potetial.

He is specialised in bridal wear, and his creations depict art , contemporary motifs and zari work. He is also planning to launch men’s and kid’s wear.


To put into nutshell, despite of having a conservative society, Pakistan has never been devoid of fashion since its inception. Alogside the top Pakistani fashion designers that are listed above, newcomers have also stepped into the field to play out their aesthetical senses to not just revive but also to extrapolate upcoming trends. Due to this spreading of fashion sense, till date, grave security conditions seem to steer Pakistan’s fashion industry that is blooming despite all odds.

It is now in Pakistan that the color palate, the texture, the fabric print, they are all meshed up into a designer’s craftsmanship. The eccentric collection and theatrical fashion performance envision the forthcoming trends, and perfectly display the genius lay in a designer’s clever layering of colour and prints. It can prouldly be stated as a fact that,

                      “With new and foreign investors viewing Pakistan’s soil as one that may come bearing fruits and profits in their business venture, the fashion industry is surely on the right path to achieve an unprecedented success globally.”


  1. Bunto Kazmi and Sana Safinaz are the most famous fashion designer of Pakistan. They are providing latest fashion. People like their fashion because it’s great. Thanks for sharing your post.

  2. Hassan Shehryar is the most famous fashion designer of Pakistan. He is still working on new fashion for girls and for boys also. I hope that he will show more new fashion for the boys and girls. Thanks for sharing your post.

  3. Thanks for sharing your post about the most famous designer of Pakistan. It was interesting to read your post.

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