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Kabaddi World Cup

Kabaddi World Cup 2020

One of the famous sports in the south Asian country is known as Kabaddi. Basically, it is originated in India. It is played between two teams, and there are seven players in each group. Kabaddi game is conducted by IKF (International Kabaddi Federation).

It is an international level game, and several countries with a great interest watch the Kabaddi World Cup. The competition requires physical as well as mental activeness to win.

Kabaddi World Cup 2020

Pakistan hosted the Kabbadi world cup 2020 match. The tournament started on 9th February at Punjab Stadium Lahore.

Overall, 24 matches were played in the mega event, from which eight games were played at Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad. India also participated in the tournament, although, the current relation of India and Pakistan are not so good and also the IKF chief, Deoraj Chaturvedi, told AFP news agency that:

“Pakistan is a valuable member of the IKF but looking at the current scenario and in the best interest of both the nations, we decided that Pakistan must be refrained [from the championship,”

Still, the tournament went very well and two matches were also performed in Zahoor Elahi Stadium in Gujrat, referring to Pakistan is the safest country for sports. 

Final Match of Kabaddi World Cup 2020

The final match of Kabaddi was played between India and Pakistan on 16th February. Pakistan won the game by two points under the captaincy of Muhammad Irfan aka Manna Jutt.

World Cup 2020

The emotions of the Pakistani nation at the historic win against India are at the peaks. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan also congrats the Kabbadi team.

Important Moments of Match

Players of both teams strived well. The important thing that is more valuable despite the result who won is peace and friendship between both countries.

Even though the Pakistani nation was proud of winning the match, still, they were giving respect to their opponents that they came to their country and played with full courage and make a memorable match.

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