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Fashion Industry in Pakistan

What is the Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry refers to an aesthetic expression to meet the demands of new trends for what should be worn, especially in accessories, clothing, hairstyle, footwear, lifestyle, makeup, and body proportions.

How Large is the Consumer Market of Pakistan?

What is the Fashion Industry?In the last ten years, the economy of Pakistan is tremendously influenced by the rising of the Fashion Industry. Through fashion, one can express his or her creativity and can adapt this passion into a successful profession.

Now the fashion industry statistics have recognized itself as a complete and broad business to whom smart and stylish models, designers, tailors, and also multi-dimensions enterprises have also linked themselves.

What is the Pakistani Culture Like?

Pakistani dresses are highly appreciated all over the world. Particularly the wedding dress is awesome and shows the outstanding creativity of Pakistani designers. The fashion industry in Pakistan express the culture of Pakistan emerged with Islamic culture.

Although the Pakistani culture is diverse. No doubt the glimpse of western culture is also added but is not highly adopted by the people of Pakistan.

Dress in each regional culture reflects weather conditions, the way of living and different style which gives it a distinctive identity among all cultures.

In the various well-known contest held at the international level, Pakistan’s performance catches all attention of worldwide famous designer toward Pakistani dress and other related items.

All these encouraging results indicate a more bright future for the fashion industry in Pakistan.

Recently the British royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Pakistan. During the whole tour, Kate wore Pakistani dresses, showed her love for Pakistan and its culture.


Fashion Industry Growth in Pakistan

The fashion industry of Pakistan is quite assist full of scaling down the unemployment in Pakistan, providing suitable job opportunities for ladies belonging to both urban and rural areas.

According to Islamabad’s Deputy Mayor Zeshan NaqviWomen were excelling in all spheres and their contributions would help to open new avenues of jobs and business in Pakistan.”

MPA Lubna Rehan said that women’s population is more than half and their fruitful participation in national development is vital for economic independence.

She also added different initiatives of the Pakistani government for the welfare of women.

CEO Shaz Beauty and member ICCI Shaz Khan appreciated the dedication of women who had been rendering in different capacities by setting up their businesses despite facing various hardships.

She said the fashion industry has a lot of space for women and they can join this sector as a profession.

FashionBest Designers in Pakistan

There are many prominent names we can find in the long list of the Pakistani Fashion designers.

Like Hassan Shaharyar Yasin, the founder of a famous South Asian label called Hsy. HSY is not only famous for its awesome wedding dresses but also for beautiful jewellery items.

Similarly, Asim Jofa, represents great and captivating jewellery, winter and summer wears, wedding dresses, etc.

Fahad Hussayn, Deepak Pewani, Maria B, etc are star names enlightening Pakistan fashion industry with full potential.

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