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Challenges of COVID-19 | Second Wave in Pakistan

Effects of Corona Epidemic

With the arrival of the winter season, Coronavirus is again rising in the world. Pakistan is also facing the challenges of COVID-19. With Corona’s second-wave in Pakistan, the ratio of death is ascending and it is aspected to be increased up to the big risk.

Covid-19 Pakistan’s Preparations and Response

Coronavirus has made its effect on each and every category of the entire world. Millions of people lost their lives due to this epidemic. Pakistan, which is an underdeveloping country has faced this problem with brilliant strategies and that’s was the reason, the condition became in control and the number of infected patients started to decrease.

Despite other economical issues and a burden of debt, Pakistan’s government tackled the corona disease much faster than other countries. Pakistan became a big supplier of face masks and hand sanitizers. Recently, the U.S. economist Lawrence Summers recommended Pakistan’s COVID-19 control program as an exemplification.

Corona epidemic was expecting to finish but the second wave raised in Pakistan. But this time, the situation becomes complicated as some surprising aspects come to notice. For example:

  • There are clear symptoms of corona disease in a person but when he passes from the testing phase, the laboratory report comes with a negative corona result.
  • In the second wave of Corona, the symptoms are commonly observed in those peoples who were already immune to corona and became healthy after suffering from this epidemic at the first stage.

Due to these surprising aspects, the ratio of Corona cases starts increasing as a person with corona symptoms is declared normal and he moves with the general public. While the government policies continuously warn the population of Pakistan to follow SOPs rules and take precautions while traveling or shopping but still danger is at our heads.

Effect of Corona Epidemic on Education

Pakistan’s educational institutes re-closed at the end of November on account of spreading corona disease. At first, when colleges and universities were opened in September, it was looking that all is normal. Parents happily sent their children to schools. New uniforms and shoes were purchased. All feeses were paid.

In some colleges, new admissions were also taken but with the second wave of the corona, the educational system has again badly affected. Children are getting lazy and cannot pay sufficient attention to studies online.

Although the education of colleges is going well even if the lecture delivers online. College students are mature and can understand the importance of education. Pakistani Universities are also going well. But as far as little children are concerned, the condition is looking worse. Small students like to spend their time playing. They want not to go to school so they have not to get up early in the morning.

So, closing schools is not a solution to face the corona epidemic. The government should announce such strategies that force children to be punctual with their studies. They should come to schools with masks and forced to keep 6 feet of distance from one another. Unmotivated teenagers should encourage at school. So that students will remain in touch with their studies and their hobby of going to school will not disturb.

Effect of Corona Epidemic on Sports

Everyone likes sport particularly the Pakistani nation is a big fan of Cricket matches. In the year 2020, PCB decided to held all matches in Pakistan. It was a piece of great news for cricket lovers and this decision makes PSL a unique one.

But when the corona epidemic started spreading in Pakistan, all matches could not play.

Furthermore, News international reported that PCB has decided to cut 20 to 25 percent salaries of players from previous salary caps due to financial constraints which are caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This decision is for the PSL sixth edition that is expecting to start next year.


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