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Crackdown on Freelancers and Online Businesses

Reviews by Mentor Sunny Ali

Among those receiving money from the US Company are more than 12,000 non-filers, FBR officials said. Therefore, the decision of applying crackdown has made for freelancers and online businesses.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to add restrictions on freelancers and online sellers of products. The Commissioner of Noise Tax and the Director-General of International Taxes have jointly launched an investigation. FBR officials have revealed that those selling goods and services abroad are not paying taxes.

According to officials, the American company Payoneer has made large payments in Pakistan. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the US Company has paid Rs 60 billion to 75,615 people, so tax is levied on 45,012 people who receive money from the US Company.

According to the FBR, money from the US Company Recipients includes more than 12,000 non-filers. Officials said that after creating an account in the US Company, the money was being transferred to a local mobile bank or commercial bank account. Notices have been issued to non-payers.

The founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce Sunny Ali have shared his thoughts on Facebook on this decision of FBR. Sunny Ali’s ideas and suggestions are like a precious asset for Pakistanies. He says:

Why are people freaking out on this news? Are you scared? Yes, they should come after online sellers, online freelancers. Why not? If you are making money, do you have problem paying a small percentage of tax to FBR?

I am shocked to see such miserable attitude of many sellers and freelancers freaking out and swearing on FBR. For what? Are they not supposed to do their job? Are you living in a tax free oil rich economy? If you don’t pay tax then who will make roads and bridges? Come out of fiction and fantasy. You think it is only your right to make money but pay no tax? Do you even know, taxes in Pakistan are one of the lowest in the world? Stop justifying it by blaming government or corruption. Your job is to do your part. At least do your part.

Come out of this silly mindset of everything free. Be thankful to God if you already making money vs millions living in poverty. Talk to your accountant, Declare your online income and file your tax returns please. There is nothing wrong about it. In fact FBR is wrong for being late.



Sunny Ali is a very famous and adorable mentor to millions of Pakistanis. He provides Amazon FBA training to the nation.  Currently, his training program enables the youth to earn sufficient dollars monthly through utilizing freelancing services that are related to e-commerce businesses

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Recently, the digital Pakistan inauguration ceremony is held by the prime minister of Pakistan. The world is fastly moving towards digitalization and technology is becoming more advance. it gives benefits to freelancers and online businesses.

To take benefit from the online world it is also crucial to obey rules and fill income taxes. Otherwise, the penalty to non-filers or late filers can cause large fines. Segment 182 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 has defined the quantity of fine and punishments for non-compliance of earnings tax go back and abundance proclamation.

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