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Extra-Judicial Killing of Irfan Jatoi Sparks Protest

Thatta: The killing of Sindh University Student Irfan Jatoi by Sukkur Police in an alleged encounter triggered protest in Thatta alike other districts of the province here on Wednesday.

Members of Larr Awami Forum, students, representatives of civil society and political parties, and people from different segments of life staged a protest demonstration outside Thatta Press Club demanding the suspension of SSP Sukkur and probe into the killing of Irfan Jatoi booked from the university premises on 
10 February.
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Annoyed protesters said The government had failed to stop extra-judicial killings in Sindh, adding that the brutal murder of the student by the police had sent a wave of fear and temptation across the province.

Hyder Shoro member of the Larr Awami forum said; Another fake encounter had deprived Sindh of a bright student. The barbarity of police showed that lawlessness was dominant across the province. He further added that the ”Criminal silence” of authorities concerned and the Sindh Government was condemnatory.

Sindh Government should put the bridle on trigger-happy Sindh police ravaging lives of innocent citizens in the garb of encounters; lamented Ayaz Lashari President Larr Awami Forum. He said that Article 9 of the Constitution provided the right to life and liberty and article 10 gave the right to a fair trial but Irfan was deprived of both rights.

Yasir Jakhro of QAT said that; The state seemed helpless and powerless against goon-like police officers implicating poor citizens in false cases and then suspiciously killing them.

They urged the Apex Court of the country to take Suo-moto action and demanded suspension of the officers involved in the brutal murder and a high-profile probe into the incident.

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