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Road Accident due to Loose Clothing at Motorbike

Loose Clothing Dangers

Severe cases of road accidents due to loose clothing at motorbike have come to listen everyday. Still, ladies in Pakistan are showing carelessness in regard to sitting behind a motorbike driver. A few days ago, I saw a family on a bike that turns my attention to write some about this incident.

Palazoo trouser cause road accident

It was a cold night when I saw a lady sitting on the motorbike along with a little child in her lap. There were two more children sitting at the front side of the driver. Overall, there were five persons on that bike. Moreover, there were a lot of shopping bags hanging on the sides of the bike. The adventurous thing for me was that the lady had worn a palazzo trouser and she had a big shawl around her shoulder surely to protect herself from winter. It was a big crowded traffic road and the bike was also running at a fast speed.

The only question that was circulating at that time in my mind was; is this family is not aware of the danger of loose clothing? I was more surprised when I observed calmness on the woman’s face. Perfectly, it was the pleasure of shopping that brought a glow on her face. Ufff, how much the females are crazy for shopping and fashion that they neglect loose clothing accidents news.

Although, a big population of Pakistan is fond of bike tourism. To avoid road accidents, precautions are necessary at every cost. Running motorbike acts like a machine. while sitting on it, there is a danger that clothes may catch in the wheel and cause trouble in rotating wheels. It results in:

  • torn the clothes.
  • cause the person to fall down by the jerk of the wheel.
  • risk of catching fire by loose clothes.

All these situations may result in serious injury and even may cause death. That’s why motorcycle safety while driving should never ignore. No doubt, the people of Pakistan are brave and really amazing but it doesn’t mean to show carelessness. especially ladies should take special care while sitting on a bike that they wear safe clothes.

Anesa Yasmeen

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