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Ali Sadpara | A Professional Pakistani Mountaineer

Gem Of Pakistan

Mohammad Ali was born in 1977 in the village Sadpara and thus famed with the name Ali Sadpara. Sadpara is a small village near Skardu in Pakistan. He is among the brave heroes of Pakistan. There is a big list of Ali Sadpara’s achievements. Few are:

  • He is the first Pakistani mountaineer who successfully reaches the apex of Nanga Parbat in winter in 2016.
  • Alpine Club of Pakistan says Ali Sadpara became the first Pakistani climber to scale the world’s highest peak, Manaslu (8,156 m)
  • He also climbed the 8,516 meter Lhotse peak and 8,485-meter Makalu peak, Nepal.
  • In 2018, Ali scaled K2 (8,611m) to complete his collection in the summer.
  • Ali Sadpara made history when he became the first Pakistani mountaineer to peak at Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc stands at 4,808 meters and is believed to be one of the deadliest peaks in the world.

The mountains of Pakistan are beautiful places to visit. Ali Sadpara’s sentiments motivate the tourist to view the threatening mountains of Pakistan. Although, it is very risky as it is said there is no accounting for the passion so mountains can also consider as a tourism place.

Why is K2 so Dangerous?

K2 is the highest mountain in Pakistan that is 8611 meters. It is the most dangerous summit of the world as at the altitude of 8211-meter becomes like a bottleneck and thus considered a death zone. Most of the mountaineers lost their life often at this death zone.

At this peak, the temperature becomes around minus 65 degrees in winter. The speed of snowy winds becomes 200 km per hour. The human body can easily inhale at the height of 2000 km above the sea surface but at this bottle zone the ratio of oxygen becomes too low that’s why the human body can suffer from different diseases such as hypoxia. The blood starts to freeze and the mind can lose to work properly. A person may suffer from hallucinations. As a result, eyes lose the quality of real perceptions.

Expedition of Mohammad Ali Sadpara at K2

Mohammad Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid Ali Sadpara along with 22 other team members went on a mission to reach the summit of K2 mountain in February 2021. The whole team had crossed camps one, two and reached camp three. Camp one is present at 6050 meters high. The second camp or C2 is at 6700 meters and C3 is at 7200 meters. After 400m means at 7600m there is C4 that is last part of the camp. Above C3 the situation was very worse. The oxygen level was too low. Thus the team stopped here but four team members decided to go ahead.

Ali Sadpara and Sajid Sadpara reached C4. Sajid Sadpara started feeling ill due to some technical issue with his oxygen regulator. Thus he decided to come back to C3 and leave his father there. Now three team members went ahead on Friday night. Ali Sadpara twitted different posts before going ahead. He shared his feelings and hopes. Other team members also updated their status up to the altitude of 8200 meters. They crossed the bottleneck but after 8200 meters they did not communicate more. Sajid Sadpara waited for his father for up to 20 hours and at least started to come back.

Army helicopters and rescue teams searched them and the whole nation was hopeful for returning them safe and sound to home. But after few days, Sajid Sadpara confirmed the news of the death of his father, a Gem of Pakistan.

Later on 26th July 2021, the dead body of Ali Sadpara and two other foreigner climbers was found by the army. The bodies were seen by a telescope in the helicopter. Although it was not possible to bring their bodies down from such a high altitude. The government of Pakistan along with our army aviation approached the base camp to lift bodies.

Paharun Ki Qasam

Famous singer Ali Zafar sang the song “Paharun Ki Qasam” in the tribute of Ali Sadpara. This song has become the voice of the whole Pakistani nation. He is among the ones who raise the name of their country high in the world. We miss Sadpara and he will remain alive in our hearts.

School Formation by Abrar ul Haq

Abrar ul Haq is the most favorite singer of Pakistan. He keeps a good heart that always realizes the pain of poor people. There are many welfare works done by Abrar ul Haq. Now, he has announced to build a school in the village of Ali Sadpara in his memory to complete the dream of Ali Sadpara.

May Allah bless the soul of legend Ali Sadpara high in Jannah.

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