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First Lady Bushra Bibi Inaugurated Sufism Research Centre in Lahore

Sufism Research Centre

On 29 May 2021, Saturday, first lady Bushra Imran, the spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan, inaugurated Sufism Research Centre with the name of Sheik Abul Hassan. The ceremony was held at the Punjab Sports Board (PSB) E-Library building at the Nisshter Park Sports Complex. The purpose of this Research center is to promote Sufism, science, and technology in Pakistan.

The new campus of Government College University Lahore located at Kala Shah Kaku is going to be an established the Sheikh Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili Sufism, Science & Technology Research Centre.

The research center will conduct research on Islam, Sufism, and modern sciences. This center is providing 3,000 books, 13 million e-books, 150 million e-theses, and 78 global e-journals, this center will have access to many more resources.

In addition to the auditorium, it has a reading room and an Internet connection.

As a result of the vision and interest of Mrs. Bushra Imran, wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and the Department of Higher Education have taken this initiative. Several national and international students work on research opportunities related to divinity, Sufism, and spirituality.

Abul Hassan Shazli’s research centers for religious, social, and scientific disciplines would be connected to all of the world’s leading libraries and universities. Millions of students throughout Pakistan would have remote access to the Center’s digital resources.

Vice-chancellor Prof. Zaidi said the center would conduct research on Islamic philosophy, Sufism, spirituality, and comparative studies of Sunfish traditions, in addition to serving as a platform for interreligious dialogues and studies at the national and international levels.

In honor of Shaikh Abul Hassan Ash Shadhili, a Moroccan scholar and Sufi who founded the Shadhili Sufi Order in the 13th century, the center is named Abul Hassan Ash Shadhili Center. In his lifetime, he dedicated himself to the service of Islam, religion, and mysticism.

With a name honoring a renowned Sufi in Islam, the research center aims to promote religious harmony, religious tolerance, and a love of knowledge among the people in the region.

Shah Abdali research hub, the main motto of this center is to provide religious information to new youth and five awarenesses of their religious history.

What are the Main Beliefs of Sufism?

According to the Arabic language, Islamic mysticism is called tasawwuf (literally, “to dress in the wool”), likely referring to the woolen garments worn by early Islamic ascetics.

The Sufi tradition is a mystical Islamic belief and practice that seeks to discover God as the source of infinite love and knowledge through direct experiential knowledge. It carries a variety of mystical paths that are intended to assist people in coming to understand the nature of humanity and the nature of God while being able to experience the presence of divine love and wisdom in their life.

Through Sufi practice, one renounces worldly possessions, purifies the spirit, and ponders God’s nature mystically. Through tariqa or spiritual learning, followers seek closer relationships with God.

Sufists recite divine verses and call on the name of Allah as a part of the Dhikr practice. Whether it is done out loud or quietly, private or group, it can be done either way. Sufi orders have varying Dhikr practices.

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