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Imran Khan Set to Meet President Putin, Edging Closer Relationship & New Agreements

Prime Minister of Pakistan arrived in Russia on a historic visit on February 22 along with the high-level delegation of ministers. His plane landed there at around 6 pm according to PST. The Prime Minister Imran Khan in Moscow received a warm welcome in Russia and was given a guard of honor.

In a two-day important visit between Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Putin, Important issues were discussed on February 23, 24. Apart from the two leaders, there will also be talks between the delegations according to scheduled dates.

Foreign ministers, informational ministers, national security advisors, Federal ministers are included in this tour.The Prime Minister Imran Khan in Moscow received a warm welcome in Russia and was given a guard of honor

What is the Purpose of the Visit of Imran Khan in Moscow?

It is hoped that issues of mutual interest will be discussed between the two leaders. The Russian Foreign Ministry has indicated that the current situation in Russia will be discussed at least in this meeting. The Purpose of the Visit of Imran Khan in Moscow covers the following points:

  • Talks and decisions regarding the South-North gas pipeline will be taken forward.
  • A final decision will be made on the gas pipeline project and further agreements on the gas pipeline will be finalized.
  • During the visit to Russia, progress is expected in the fields of trade and energy.
  • The defense issues and security of the entire region will be discussed.
  • How humanitarian assistance is needed in Afghanistan, is also an important topic of the meeting.

Importance of Imran Khan’s Russia Visit

Two decades later, the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited Russia. 23 years ago, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Russia. Tensions between Pakistan and Russia have been high for several years. The meeting is being held to build closer ties between the two countries. Islamophobia, bilateral relations, and Afghanistan will be discussed in particular. At the political level, Russia and Pakistan share common views on Afghanistan.

During the trip, Imran Khan visited Russia’s largest mosque and Islamic center. He said he was happy with the visit and looked forward to new appointments. Speaking on Islamic phobia, Russian President Putin said that he was deeply saddened when terrorism was linked to Islam. The Russian president has condemned the act of targeting Muslims.


invitation of Russian President Vladimir PutinUkraine Crisis with Russia

At the time of Imran Khan in Moscow, Putin invaded Ukraine. According to Putin, when Ukraine was offered to join NATO, Russia did not want NATO forces to reach Russia’s border and encircle Russia and have an engagement there. But when his view is not taken seriously, Russia has attempted an attack on Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine have a 2,000-kilometer border. Russian soldiers stand around the 2,000-kilometer border holding guns.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said we will fully respond to the Russian attack and will go to any lengths for our survival.

The whole world will suffer in this war. We still want to solve the problem through dialogues. We do not want a war. But the Russian president refuses to talk.

Russia is not listening to stop the war due to some genuine reasons.


Negotiations at this level are necessary to establish a cordial atmosphere between the two countries. If this is the way things are going between the two countries then there are a lot of opportunities in the future that they can explore. Earlier, a joint steel mill agreement was signed between Pakistan and Russia in Pakistan.

Russia is currently the world’s second-largest oil exporter. 27% of Russia’s exports go to Europe and 13% goes to China. A gas pipeline agreement is also being worked out rapidly between China and Russia. It is hoped that by 2025, China will have a full supply of gas by Russia. Pakistan is playing a key role in Sino-Russian relations. Due to the CPEC project, Pakistan is the only country that provides connectivity to the entire network. Therefore, in the future, Russia’s engagement with Pakistan will be seen to increase.

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