Zong Daily Basic


MB of Free Internet Data

1 Day


Rs. 17+Tax

Including Taxes.


This Zong daily internet package comes with a nominal cost of Rs. 17+Tax per day and you can avail as much as 100MBs of internet per day.

The billing cycle for this Internet package is per day.

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  • Subscription: *6464#
  • Remaining Status: * 102#

Terms & Conditions

  • Out of bundle rate is Rs. 1+Tax/MB & will be charged as per the bundle expiry.
  • If you use the internet without subscribing to any data bundle, the default rate of Rs. 4+Tax /MB will be charged.
  • The minimum Charging pulse of default usage is 1MB
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies.
  • YouTube can be utilized for YouTube and Tapmad TV services

Q. What is the out-of-bundle rate?
A. If a user does not purchase an add-on after volume consumption of data bundle, he/she will be charged an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1/MB till the validity of the bundle, instead of default rate of Rs.4+Tax/MB.
Q. What is an Add on?
A. An add-on is additional data volume a customer can use to top up his current bundle which may have been consumed partially or completely.

Add OnPriceVolumeActivationAs per the validity of the data package
Basic Add OnRs.10+Tax100 MBSMS ‘ba’ to 6464
  • We do not have any speed limits. (*except for default time package)
  • Add Ons & out-of-bundle rates are applicable to all packages.
  • For Weekly & Monthly bundles Add On will be recommended at 80% & 100% utilization.

Q. When will Notification Messages be sent?
A. Notification message on 100% data consumption has been removed and now the customer will be intimated on 90-95% usage with complete data consumption notification Rest of all usage notification (20%, 50%, and 80% usage) will remain the same and customer will be intimated accordingly.
Q. How many times a bundle can be Re-subscribed?
A. For all bundles: As many times as the user wants within the validity period in case of different bundles.
Same bundle: Can be activated only after deactivation.
Customers can activate the same daily bundle twice in a day.
Q. When will the Default Package be charged?
A. Initially, when a user has not subscribed to any bundle, the default rate of Rs4/MB will be charged. Default rate will be charged again after the expiry of data bundle, Add On and OOB rate validity
Q. Can postpaid user subscribe the offers
A. No
Q. Any bundle will be re-subscribed automatically if the sufficient balance is available?
A. Yes, all bundles would be re-subscribed in case of balance availability except Monthly Premium 30 GB, Super Weekly, Super Weekly Plus and Basic Add On.

Source content from: Zong.com.pk

Package Last Updated on: 8-18-2020

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