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Labor Day in Pakistan with Coronavirus 2021

Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Labor's Life

What is Labor Day?

In more than 80 countries, every year of 1st May is recognized as Labor Day. It is an internationally celebrated event and in some countries, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September. Labor Day is a day honored to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of American workers.

Labor Day is also known as worker’s day. In Pakistan, there is held a public holiday all over the country. It is a day in which the general population, schools, colleges, and universities remain off. All Pakistani nation stands with the labor and struggles to promote their value in the eye of the government.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

All over Pakistan, this day is celebrated for labor rights. In that day the people of the country also raise voice for the laborer’s right in which they demand to increase their salary and paid that amount actually they deserve for their work. They also want to do just 8-hour work in a day because they like to spend time with their families, friends, and relatives, etc. In that day the labor also raises their voice for their justice and equality.
On that day the laborers and general public come out from homes in rallies, do marches, etc. The purpose is to gain the attention of the government. So the government has to take steps to solve their problem and implement some welfare rules on the authorized people to act upon it.

History of Labor Day

Labor Day raise its foundation from the labor union movement when the workers unite and the Knights of Labor promoted “Labor Day,” which was celebrated in New York City for the first time on September 5, 1882. This was an eight-hour day movement, which supported an eight-hour workday, eight-hour evening rest period, and eight-hour early morning sleep.

At that time, labor’s working time was not fixed. They had to do 16 to 18 hours duty and also there was no off in a week or in a month due to which the labors got sick day by day in a huge amount because they didn’t get rest as they want. Moreover, they were unable to spend time with their family.
There was also an income issue. The salary was too less due to which they suffered from financial crises and their families stuck with different problems. they were not able to fulfill the family’s needs. Also, their workplace was too much dangerous and there was a big risk of losing their lives.

Due to facing all these difficulties, people started to make labor unions and did protest. But companies denied giving them rights. In order to get their postulates, the labor day celebration trend got power. During the Haymarket affair on May 4, 1886, the socialist and communist parties chose May Day as a day of commemoration. This event occurred in Chicago when almost 3000 labors gathered for the protest.

In Pakistan, the first labor policy was celebrated in 1972  in which the date of 1st May was confirmed as a public holiday to celebrate labor day in Pakistan. This policy expressed the following points:

  • formation of the Social Security System
  • Old Age Advantage Organizations
  • Labors Welfare Fund

Effect of Coronavirus on Labor?

Due to coronavirus in Pakistan, most of the laborers are jobless. They are not able to earn money and their family system is getting worse day by day. Also, they don’t have any other option to sustain themselves financially.

The lockdown was implemented all over Pakistan because of the Covid-19 pandemic. thus all the lower sectors got affected. Many companies, businesses, factories, education sectors, etc were working online but what happened for such kinds of mechanics who are totally depending on their daily based earning. So they suffer from many problems during this time.

Nowadays due to lockdown and as well as with government blackness the labor is getting in poor condition day by day and our country’s poverty rate were also increasing. Challenges of Covid-19 are being managed by the government of Pakistan.

Labors income?

In Pakistan, labor income ranges between 12000 to 20000. How they can manage their all activities in that amount. In a poor family, there is just one person to do the job and 5 family members are at home. This one person has to fulfill all the needs, wishes, and requirements of the family members. Due to less amount of income they are not able to give the best education and future to their children. So like that many children are not able to get an education and their precious time is spent in the work of hotel mechanic shops etc.

Our Responsibility Regard to Celebrate Labor Day

The purpose of labor day is to give tribute to the efforts of laborers. Thus it is our responsibility to take care of them sincerely. It is observed that on labor day, the holiday is celebrated in the upper and middle sectors and the actual victims are busy doing their work.

Labor day means also give holiday to all laborers and despite not doing work on that day, pay them fully. So they can realize how much important they are and we really concern about their problems and take care of them.

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