Pakistan Time

The word time is originated from Germanic words tide’ and ‘tima’. It means tides of the sea. As the waves continuously flow in a way that is measurable and observable, so to do events continually progressing and our time is passing in a way that is observable and measurable.

Time is an indefinite nonstop progress of continuation and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole.

Pakistan had been following UTC+05:30 since 1907 (amid the British Raj) and kept utilizing it after freedom in 1947. On 15 September 1951, after the discoveries of mathematician Mahmud Anwar, two time zones were presented. Karachi Time (KART) was presented in West Pakistan by changing 30 minutes off UTC+05:30 to UTC+05:00, while Dacca Time (DACT) was presented in East Pakistan by including 30 minutes UTC+05:30 to UTC+06:00. The progressions were made successful on 1 October 1951.  In 1971, Karachi Time was renamed to Pakistan Standard Time.

In Pakistan, time is varied on different provinces in order to meet the requirements at national level. Apart from this, time schedule in Pakistan is also converted according to different seasons in educational institutes, offices and in banks etc. in summer season, it is preferred to start your day early in the morning such as 7:00 AM is standard time in Pakistan to be arrived at work place or educational institute in summer so that you can get leave early in the afternoon. Educational institutes like to free their students till 1:00PM in warm climate.

On the other hand, winter season demands time not so early that people get frozen at morning. Mostly all institutes set their time near about 9:00AM in cold season. Students have to free till 2:30PM whereas offices employs are leaved till 5:00PM.

Time management in Pakistan always remains the significant success factor. The constitution of Pakistan strictly implements the punctuality in the life of every citizen. A punctual person, who uses his time carefully, becomes successful in life.  In the military field, delay by a few minutes may change the destiny of a nation.

Being on time, and monitoring what time it is, guarantees that we won’t turn up late for our arrangements.  The constitution of Pakistan focuses to make time value able not only for our self but also for others and nobody should cause to waste it.

The economy and financial situation of countries are fast changing. Our ex-President Pervez Musharraf and  ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief followed the strategy for the better use of economy by bringing change in standard time by one hour. They believed that the most prosperous nations are those that do not waste any moment.

Time is exceptionally important because of the reason that all of us have allotted limited period of time in our lives. Everyone must take the taste of death thus we need to ensure that we utilize our time admirably. Nothing can stop the stream of time. Time once past can’t be brought back by any methods.

Despite the fact that the future is unseen, what’s to come is inconspicuous. Still every man should work hard today to expand the probability of a superior future. People should utilize their opportunities properly.  We should struggle our best to avoid the habit of laziness and initiate to do our jobs in time. It will surely lighten our future.

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