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Jobs in Italy – Officials Agree to Finalize Labor Import Pact

Jobs in Italy for Pakistani people is a piece of good news. Pakistanis and a few other countries outside of the EU are now able to apply for visas for seasonal and non-seasonal work in Italy.

Due to Italy work visa for Pakistan, the chances of improving the economy of both countries would rise as the population of Pakistanis in Italy can work on better options.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem said that talks have begun on an agreement to import labor force units from Italy for the purpose of providing more opportunities to young, skilled Pakistanis.

According to Dawn, citing ambassador Saleem:

“The demand for Pakistani workers in the Italian market is on the rise consistently, especially in the agricultural sector”

Importance of Agreement

Pakistan’s envoy perceived the agreement as necessary for legal migration and the exchange of workers between the two countries. Moreover, he said that as a result of the current strong economic ties between the two countries, an agreement may be able to be reached, bringing the two countries closer together.

As part of the Pakistani embassy in Italy to assist Pakistani migrants legally, Saleem said they are currently offering Workforce Export Agreements between Italy and Pakistan that will help:

  • To create opportunities to build a link for local skilled workers in the Italian potential market.
  • As well as helping to stop the hiring of illegal Pakistani workers in Italy, this agreement could also effectively stop the illegal hiring of Pakistani workers in other European countries.
  • The current scheme should result in hundreds of Pakistani workers obtaining stable employment in Italy.

Importance of Agreement

Moreover, the agreement covers the internship program for labor and the training of tourism laborers, which would enhance the quality of the skilled worker pool.

Influence on Pakistan’s Tourism and Technology Center

The Italian economy is investing in energy, food processing, leather, textiles, construction, and furnishings. Ambassador of Pakistan Jauhar Saleem, also said that this agreement seeks to promote Italian investment in Pakistan through joint ventures (JVs), which are expected to support the transfer of technology and skills between our businesses and Italy.

Jobs in Italy for Pakistani nation build the trusted image across the foreigner. Pakistan is a safe country. Italian experts have also contributed to Pakistan’s capacity building in the tourism sector, which has been aided by initiatives taken to promote tourism in Pakistan.



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