Pakistan Air Force

The Pakistan Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The primary role of Pakistan air force is the aerial defence of Pakistan, “to provide, in synergy with other inter-services, the most efficient, assured and cost effective aerial Defence of Pakistan.” a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Navy, and a tertiary role of providing strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan.

The PAF employs approximately 65,000 full-time personnel (including approximately 3,000 pilots) and currently operates 883 aircrafts.

Since its establishment in 1947, the PAF has been involved in various operations.

HelicopterAlouette III, Mi-171

Chief of Air StaffAir Chief Marshal Sohail Aman

Air HeadquartersAir Headquarters; Islamabad, Pakistan

Under the Article 243, the Constitution of Pakistan appoints the President of Pakistan as the civilian Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), by statute a four-star air chief marshal, is appointed by the President with the consultation and confirmation needed from the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Pakistan Air Force is currently commanded by Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

Development of Pakistan airforce

In 1947, a group of Polish 17 pilots and 13 technicians led by Wladyslaw Turowicz landed in Pakistan and started to build Pakistan Air Force.
Till nowadays considered to be one of the most professional in the world.

In 1947, when Pakistan was created as an independent country, a new government asked the British Air Force command for pointing out the most experienced and trusted pilots who would be able to create air force in Pakistan.
The British professionals suggested Polish officers, pilots that after the World War II when they gained the fame as brilliant pilots, still remained in the British army.

A very young officer, named Turowicz together with his wife a civil pilot, volunteered to lead the group of pilots that was supposed to create the Pakistani Air Force.
They both went through a hell in Siberia, and once rescued by the general Anders army got to England where they fought for the world´ s and Polish freedom.




Mrs. Turowicz formed women pilots and paratroopers for the purposes of the Pakistani army. She is still living in Karachi.
General Turowicz died in 1980 and is buried in Karachi. It has never been an issue they being catholic.
Turowicz was quickly promoted to a general and is considered a Pakistani national hero while in Poland, due to communist censorship it was prohibited to talk and publish any data of this extraordinary person.
Every Pakistani pilot knows him and his achievements.



  • Air Force Strategic Command(AFSC), Islamabad
  • Northern Air Command (NAC), Peshawar
  • Central Air Command (CAC), Lahore
  • Southern Air Command (SAC), Karachi
  • Air Defence Command (ADC), Rawalpindi


The PAF has a total of 18 air bases, comprising 11 flying bases and 7 non-flying bases. Flying bases are operational bases from which aircraft operate during peacetime and wartime; whereas non-flying bases conduct either training, administration, maintenance, or mission support



Rank structure

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