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Interesting Facts about Real Pak Heroes

Three Heroes With Interesting Facts

Shan, Fawad Khan, Baber, Moammar Rana, hey stop thinking that I’m calling them the real heroes of Pakistan. No, the real heroes of nations are those who find the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

They are revealed by a hard time in a nation. Pakistan luckily has many historical heroes, excepted by whole nation with great respect. Let’s have some interesting points regarding the real heroes of Pakistan.

Hero No 1 the Quid -e- Azam

  • Our ingenious hero at the age of 20 had become the only Muslim Barrister in Bombay.
  • He was the youngest Indian who in 1896 passed the Law examination in England.
  • During his student life he joined a theater group, but because of his father restrictions he left that group and put whole attention towards studies.
  • In Ankara, the capital of Turkey there is a road named after Quaid. It is called “Cinnah Caddesi”. Cinnah is the Turkish way of spelling Jinnah.
  • He is also admired as Pak hero by Turkey. There s a road called “Cinnah Caddesi” named after Quaid. “Cinnah” means Jinnah.
  • He was really sensitive towards his decent and gentleman look.Even on his deathbed, he said about his dressing that he would never travel in his pajamas.
  • Jinnah had been suffering from tuberculosis since the early 1940s. Only his sister and very few other
  • persons close to the family knew this.

Young and smart Quaid-e-AzamJinnah in happy mode with sister.

Allama Iqbal

• A true revivalist who wanted to revive Islam in its real and truest form.
• Having command in Urdu and Persian languages, he also got “Khan Bahadurddin F.S. Jalaluddin” medal in 1897 for a superlative result in the Arabic Language.
• Mufakkir E Pakistan and Hakeem Ul Ummah also got the title of SIR in 1922 by King George.
• During the Iran revolutionary movement, people gathering in parks loved to listen to the blood warming poetry of Iqbal particularly “Az-zabur-e-Ajam”
• In 1970, Iran realized Iqbal. Iqbal verses appeared on the banners and poetry recited at meetings of the intellectuals. He has great affection for her great mother. After her death, he wrote for her as,

Who would wait for me anxiously in my native place?

Who would display restlessness if my letter fails to arrive?
I will visit thy grave with this complaint:
Who will now think of me in midnight prayers?
All thy life thy love served me with devotion—
When I became fit to serve thee, thou hast departed.

Iqbal reception by National League in LondonIqbal with beloved mother

Liaquat Ali Khan

    • Pakistan first prime minister also served as the first Finance Minister in the interim government of British Indian Empire.
    • His landlord father, Nawab Rustam Ali Khan was highly heartiest among the local people and gave him the titles of Rukun-al-DaulahShamsher Jang, and Nawab Bahadur.
    • His wife, Begu Ra’ana, was an eminent economist and an educator was his 2nd
    • Liaquat Ali Khan and his wife spent most of their time convincing Jinnah to return to British India to unite the scattered Muslim League mass into one full force
    • As a prime minister, he faced high pressure due to US demands from him e to pressure him to convince Iran to transfer control of its oil fields to the United State, which Khan refused to do. Us also demanded a military base in Pakistan to keep an eye on the Soviet Union which was also refused by him.
    • The name of his assassin Said Akbar Khan Babrakzai It is stated in the official file on Liaquat Ali Khan that Akbar was an “Afghan national and a professional assassin.


    Liaqat with beloved wife beautiful pictureliaqat Ali Kan A True Hero

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